tales of an organic farm

we don’t just cook food, we create it…

Our passion stems from the creation of pure organic products. Every chef can admit that a great tasting dish depends on amazing raw material. We try to produce most of the raw material that we need for cooking. Extra virgin olive oil, olives, seasonal vegetables and fruits, meat and poultry, herbs and wine mixed with a whole lot of inspiration and a pinch of locality, are the basis of the slow food that we provide our guests.

A unique ancient olive grove unlike no other, untouched by the millennia in the center of our organic farm. Given to us to care for, we cultivate our perennial trees, the wild olives and the “new” ones. Three distinct varieties: Myrtolia, Koroneiki and Agrelia make our organic olive oil blend. Biodynamic, Permaculture and non intrusive farming practices respect the flora and fauna and create ground for regenerative healing of the soil.

Grapevines for fruit, grapevines for natural wine! At eumelia we cultivate five distinct local and regional varieties: Kydonitsa, Athiri, Moschofilero, Agiorgitiko and Avgoustiatis. Greece and wine have a long historical connection from the symposiums in ancient times to the modern re-connection with indigenous varieties. Tacked between our olive groves, rooted in our red clay soil we care for our vineyards using polyculture, biodynamic and permaculture practices. Our grapes are handpicked, traditionally stomped and vinified naturally.

Our raised garden beds provide all the seasonal organic vegetables for the hotel and restaurant all year round. Greek and Mediterranean vegetable varieties reach your plate freshly cut everyday. Co-planting, composting and mulching create healthy soil that provides an amazing base for nutritious and scrumptious veggies.

Herbalicious farm! Located at the foothills of Mount Parnonas where Hippocrates collected herbs to create powerful healing medications. The Greek herbs are famous for their potency and medicinal value. At eumelia you can find them wild as we forage, in our meditative herb spiral or among our olive groves and vineyards. Look for the famous oregano, rosemary, saffron, saint john’s wort, thyme and many more. Combined with our organic olive oil, infused to create potent oils and natural soaps.

A farm needs its animals and the animals need their farm! Domesticated animals are critical for our farm’s sustainability and regenerative work on the soil. By creating overlapping circles we enhance sustainability. Circles are created by feeding the animals wild grasses and garden veggie leftovers. The animals produce manure to enrich the soil and control wild grasses overgrowth. At eumelia we host local and regional breeds some of which almost became extinct, like the black pig of Greece. We work with a Greek NGO that catalogues rare breeds and finds places like our farm to raise them and rescues the breeds from extinction. These animals provide fresh organic eggs, milk, cheese and live comfortable in a stress free environment.


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