When it comes to comfort food, our vote is always for “Trata”.

It’s not only for the food, but also for the hospitality and warmth we feel every time that we see Georgia, Petros and of course Panagiota, the cook. It’s for the fresh dish of the day, for the local and seasonal ingredients that they use and for the owner’s dignity when they choose and have only good fresh fish.

Trata is located in Gytheio, in a perfect spot right next to the sea, with a view of a little island with a lighthouse. Ideal for lunch and for dinner, summer and winter. It is mainly a fish and sea food tavern. “Trata” means fishing boat and is also the name of their fishing boat, which provides them with fresh fish daily. The menu is huge but we can give you a few tips to better navigate and place your order.

First of all, don’t miss the chance to try one of the fresh dishes of the day. Every time that we go, we ask Georgia the same question “what do you suggest we eat today?” And Georgia always starts her answer with “My mom (the cook) has just made this or that dish” And that’s what we order. Simple, isn’t it?

Secondly, go with the season! Georgia gets local seasonal greens “horta”, radikia in the winter and vlita in the summer. The same goes for the vegetables, so if you come across their moussaka, usually in the summer, grab the last piece. Generous layers of potatoes, eggplants, zucchini, minced beef and spectacular béchamel sauce. And do not be reluctant if she tells you that the moussaka was cooked yesterday; moussaka belongs to the group of foods that are more enjoyable the next day. As an eggplant lover, I also recommend the homemade fresh and vinegary eggplant salad, which is actually a spread and comes with grilled bread.

On the other hand, you can find fish every season, but not in every weather! In case of rain or full moon, the fishing boats do not go out and Trata runs out of fresh fish. But when the have them, they make an amazing fish soup that we enjoy in the winter but also in the summer! Tip: you can order half portion of fish soup and keep some space for fried “koutsomoures” the red mullets, “maridaki” a very small fish which we eat like chips and small fried cod fish.

Trata’s specialty is the fried kalamari. In fact, it’s the best fried kalamari I have ever eaten! It is deep fried perfectly with flour and the result is very light and crunchy, not at all soggy or oily. Squeeze some lemon and surrender to every single calorie.

Talking about fried food, chickpeas balls are also a must try appetizer. Combine them with some tzatziki or better the spicy cheese spread. As a big fan of chickpeas balls, I managed to sneak into Panagiota’s kitchen and get her to share the recipe with you.

When it comes to drinks sticking to ouzo is the best choice. It’s a unsurpassable combination sea food, sea view and ouzo with ice.

See you in Trata.



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