Meet Eumelia’s black pig

The Greek black pig got introduced in Eumelia family in 2016. Amaltheia, an organization for the preservation of autocthonous breeds of agricultural and domestic animals, provided us, through its network of farms, one male and two female piglets. The piglets did not belong to the same family so that we could reproduce them and keep propagate the breed. For the first year, the piglets born were given to other farms that were also interested in rescuing the breed. After the first year, we started consuming their meat. Our pigs are exclusively organic fed by food that we produce in the farm or food that we buy from Biogreco in Sparta.

With the meat that we take from the pigs we try to produce as many different products as possible, in order to cover different needs. The meat is of course introduced to the guests menu as a main dish but also as appetizer or charcuterie. So let’s see what we do…

DIY Souvlaki

The shoulder of the pig is cut in small pieces and then get in wooden skewers, the very well known “souvlaki”. We enjoy doing BBQ with the guests, grilling the souvlaki and then showing the guests how to make their own souvlaki wrapped in handmade pita breads. Tzatziki is of course one of the ingredients.

Smoked singlino of Mani

It is salted pork “pasto”, which dries salted, and then smoked for many hours with a fire of green sage. Back in the past, singlino was a way to preserve the meat and actually they were hanging the pieces of the meat into the chimneys. Since, we do not have yet the means to do the singlino by ourselves, we give the meat to one of the best butchers in the area, Bouterakos in Gytheio. Singlino is always present to our breakfast next to other local delicacies.

Sausages with orange

Another local delicacy is the Mani sausages that have orange peel inside. Actually, orange peel is also a natural way to preserve the meat since it has Vitamin C. Nowadays, we can just buy vitamin C from the pharmacy and use it to our sausages but the orange flavor is so phenomenal that we would never dare to change this tradition!

Pork pate with rosemary

Nothing goes wasted when you sacrifice an animal and the liver is not our favorite. Thus we have to be creative! When we transform the liver to a smooth and creamy pate with an intense rosemary flavor, it gets the star of the dinner. We love serving the pate as a starter with warm homemade bread, olives and olive oil.

Ground meat

Pork thighs are the driest part of the pig and in case of our pigs that have a huge area to run, their thighs are very tough to eat. The best we can do with them is to grind them in use them in recipes such as “gemista” the stuffed tomatoes and peppers, or “dolmades” the stuffed cabbage leaves. When we feel blue or tired our comfort food is pasta with ground meat sauce and when we are in a party mood we BBQ burgers and make burgers!


My favorite stakes comes from the neck of the pig. Fattier, more flavorful and without a big bone. The ideal dinner comes with stakes in the BBQ and grilled vegetables from the garden, eggplant and zucchini in the summer and cauliflower and carrots in the winter (of course cauliflower and carrots can be grilled especially with a balsamic and honey sauce to glaze them!)

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