Raw lemonade

Spring is here and lemons are getting juicier and juicier, the perfect occasion to prepare some lemonade for the hot summer days ahead us.

Lemon has many benefits for our health, so the last we want to do is to boil the lemon juice and lose all the vitamins. Here is a recipe that needs no boil at all, just some patience…

As always we prefer organic not waxed lemons because we will also use the zest. The lemon zest has citric acid which is a natural ingredient and will preserve our lemonade for months. It also gives amazing flavor and intensity since the bitter taste of the zest will balance the sugar.


Total time: 30 min          Waiting time: 3 days          Servings: 2 liters



  • 1 liter of lemon juice (approximately 16 medium lemons)
  • 750 gr sugar (either granulated or light brown sugar, avoid the brown sugar because ruins the vivid lemony color)
  • Lemon zest from half lemons



Zest half of the lemons. Squeeze the lemons and place the juice to a small pot. Add the zest and the sugar and stir well. Steer occasionally until the sugar is melt. This may take a couple of days depending on the sugar that you used.  When the sugar melts and the lemonade gets a light syrupy texture put the lemonade in bottles.

In order to make a lemonade use 60ml of the lemonade syrup and fill up the glass with bubbly water. Add a couple of mint leaves to the lemonade for extra refreshment.


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