Eggplant Imam Bayildi

This traditional greek Eggplant dish is one of our favorites here at eumelia.

But we add our own twist to it! The fresh ingredients will turn it into your next light summer staple dish.

Total time: 1,5h          Cooking time: 1,5h          Servings: 4


6 eggplants

4 big onions

2 big tomatoes

1/2 cup eumelia Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil

1 cinnamon stick

2 cloves garlic

1 cup crumbled feta

1/2 cup parsley

salt and pepper


Cut four of the eggplants in half, lengthwise. Score them with a sharp knive and brush with plenty of eumelia extra virgin olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and grill them in the oven on both sides until they´re soft inside and crispy brown on the outside.

Slice the onions in thick half circles. Heat up the olive oil in a large pan on a low level. Add the onions and salt to the pan and caramelize on low heat for approximately 30 minutes, constantly stirring. Remove the pan from the heat when they´re soft but still slightly crunchy.

Dice the tomatoes in small cubes. Heat up olive oil in a large pan. Toss the tomatoes in and add the cinnamon and finley chopped garlic. Cook everything on medium heat for 30 minutes until the sauce becomes thicker. Remove the pan from the heat and season with plenty of salt and freshly ground pepper.

Take the left over eggplants and heat up a pan without oil. Place the whole eggplants in the pan and turn regularly until all sides become smoked and the insides feel soft. Remove them from the pan and slice them open lengthwise. Scrape out the insides and blend them into a thick cream. Season with plenty of salt.

Now it´s time to assemble! Place two pieces of the eggplant on a plate and spread the smoked eggplant paste. On top put a generous amount of the caramelized onions. Then add about two tablespoons of tomato sauce on each eggplant. Garnish with plenty of feta, parsely and a drizzle of Eumelia extra virgin olive oil, and enjoy!


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